Interacting With Children

There are various mechanisms and ways by which the Commission interacts with children of the State. Some of the ways being practiced are mentioned below:

  • Direct interaction during field visit (to family, community, ICDS centres, schools, shelter, child care institutions, children homes, observation homes, special homes and Bal Bhawans, etc).
  • Attending children’s functions.
  • Soliciting children’s opinion or suggestion on various matters.
  • Inviting children or their group to meetings/consultations/workshops organized by MCPCR itself or on its behalf by any voluntary organization/s.
  • Listening to children during public hearings.

What can you do?

The MCPCR expects every concerned citizen to:

  • Respect the rights and dignity of children.
  • Refrain from violating child rights and stop others to do so.

Report violation of children’s right to the Commission and other child right mechanisms at earliest.